Drone Services

Drone Services

Symphysis offers impressive aerial-view videos and aerial photography to record your parties and events, weddings, wow your real estate clients, check on ongoing construction projects, survey land, and much more. Symphysis requires all flights to be insured.

Drone Photography Aerial Photography

On-Site Aerial Stills

Utilize the best tools at your disposal by getting the perfect aerial shots of your properties. Create dynamic ads using drone photos to guide visitors through your campus. Google satellite view is great, but you could be using high resolution imagery of your location. We provide breathtaking aerial photographs for real estate, construction, weddings. and more.


Direct your videos from an aerial view with a high quality cinematography drone. Capture images otherwise unattainable to the competition. Aerial cinematography has become a staple in today’s film industry. A drone video could wow the client to make a deal or capture the moment.

With the right tools we can build a marketing strategy to support your growth and sustain it for years to come. With a varying range of start-up experience we have a first hand look of what it means to develop lean and agile marketing structures to sustain a growing company.

The following percentages represent the workload of our team for each type of marketing service provided. Start-ups are expected to have the primary functions in place while we provide an overall structure.

Targeting & Branding0%
Web Development0%

Time Lapse

Create stunning ads based on time lapses of your ongoing projects with aerial time lapse photography. Utilizing GPS coordinates drones are able to return to the same position over time to deliver captivating aerial time lapse shots. This service is highly recommended for architecture and construction clients.

Aerial photography for time lapse
Bellevue Aerial Photography

Land Surveying

Survey your plot of land to optimize for various aspects such as light, geography, water, and agricultural research. Before you buy that lot for development do an aerial inspection to ensure that the location you’ve chosen is the location you need.