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Andrew Beavers

Senior Consultant - Strategy & Scaling

Andrew Beavers is a tech entrepreneur with 14 years of professional development experience. As a passionate student he began college at the age of 16 at South Puget Sound Community College for an Applied Sciences degree. He then went to Saint Martins University with the hopes of becoming a mechanical engineer and left soon after to pursue career opportunities in Alaska. Upon returning from Alaska he embedded himself in the Start-up work and began growing multiple start-ups at the same time.

Mentionable Projects

Cascade Telemetry

Cascade Telemetry or Castel for short, was a drone photography, surveying, and surveillance company based out of Seattle, Washington. Andrew was responsible for the product sourcing, assembly, marketing, and coding aspects of Castel. After a year of operations Andrew had increased the client base by 150% including prestigious real estate companies around the Puget Sound. Eventually the company was server with an order to cease operations from the FAA in accordance with new guidelines for flight exemptions, the business become unsustainable while the FAA worked on it's guidelines and the company was consequently closed.

Symphysis Marketing - Coffee Roaster Client

After receiving a request form a local coffee roaster for "SEO" work, Andrew Beavers was assigned to be the lead consultant for a local coffee company. The goal was to transform their online platform into a user friendly, highly functional, and analytics driven e-commerce store. He was able to scale their online sales by $250,000 in the first year of consulting at a total cost of $48,000 to the client.
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