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Discussion Topics:

A General Understanding Of Marketing

to help everyday business owners increase leads and optimize their businesses for a digital marketplace. We aim to educate entrepreneurs to increase their capacity for success in an ever changing and competitive market. And bring current marketers up to date with new tools, skills, and strategies they may currently be missing.

Skills, Tools, and Resources

will be provided to help ease the development and optimization of websites, give a rounded understanding of how to quickly find new tools and resources, understand how to gauge the competition, and how to identify and market to a target audience.

A Lean Mentality

is almost paramount in today’s market if you want to build a strong and successful company that can thrive and grow. Many of the tools we will recommend are free or can be used on a free trial basis. We will also educate our students on the timing for implementing tools and strategies.

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Course Material

Every client has different needs, but every company needs a basic marketing structure.

What is Marketing?

A brief overview of marketing and what it means to your business.


Research your competitors, target audiences, and find potential opportunities.

Cohesive Branding

Create a cohesive brand image and develop a persona.

Content is Everything

An overview of content management, and how to distribute it.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Utilizing paid ads: what types of platforms can you advertise on and how they benefit you.

Understanding Data

A short discussion on data and how it can be used to compete in the market.

Marketing Tools

A guide to tools that will set you up for success with your marketing endeavors. 


Selling products online: What you need to know before getting started.


Our Speakers

Symphysis Marketing Solutions is a marketing firm based in Bellevue, WA dedicated to offering a wide array of marketing services to our clients. We believe that your digital presence and your digital marketing strategy is of the utmost importance to most businesses in this ever growing digital climate. Our goal is to educate and assist our clients and fellow marketers on running their own marketing structure. We train our clients on many aspects of marketing so our efforts have a long lasting effect on their marketing strategy.

We’re offering this free digital marketing course to the public because we want to see our community grow and flourish in the digital era.


Strategy & Analytics


Design & Branding


Content & UI/UX

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Symphysis Marketing Solutions offers marketing gency services throughout Seattle, Bellevue, and worldwide.

Symphysis Marketing Solutions is based in Seattle & Bellevue, WA, but we offer consulting services worldwide for digital & traditional marketing strategies and tactics. Our marketing consultant team is available for digital conferences and training sessions for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprise companies.

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