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Symphysis Marketing Solutions got its start when a group of 6 entrepreneurs of different disciplines came together to form an alternative marketing company. With our varying skills, we can offer a wide ranges of services to our clients with businesses of all sizes and industries. After doing market research and meeting local business owners in need, we decided very quickly that we wanted to help small local business grow and succeed.

Our team of consultants is devoted to helping businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper through various marketing and advertising strategies. Based in Seattle and Bellevue, our local marketing consultants are available to guide and offer in-person, phone, and online support daily to our clients. We are dedicated to offering the best services at affordable prices. We work with integrity and only charge our clients for the work we actually do for them.

Meet The Team

Our Consultants

Our team members have experience in many aspects of digital marketing. Their experience and skills are certainly not limited to the specialties listed below.

Kaitlyn L.

Senior Consultant | Content Specialist

Kaitlyn started with Symphysis in 2017 and swiftly rose to be a top consultant. Kaitlyn has a discipline in Marketing Strategies, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Design.

Travis M.

Senior Consultant | PPC Specialist

A consultant with a wide array of marketing knowledge, Travis chooses to keep his focus on marketing structures and strategies specializing in paid advertising tactics.

Qiao W.

Senior Consultant | Database Architect

Proficient in data monitoring and data systems implementation, Qiao has a wide range of skills giving him a unique edge when it comes to analyzing and interpreting data sets.

Andrew B.

Senior Consultant | Marketing Strategist

After years of  experience in marketing, Andrew became an idea guy and tends to focus on the big picture while still lending his coding and design skills to the team at large.

Tj L.

Campaign Designer/Graphic Designer

With a background in game design, Tj brings a unique skill set that he lends towards the gamification & engagement of campaigns across all marketing channels.

Andrew P.

Frontend Developer

Andrew has years of experience as a full stack web developer working in UX design and front end app development. His coding skills have proven invaluable to our clients and our team.

Our Future Marketing Experts

Junior Consultants & Interns

Ibrahim I.

Junior Consultant (Intern)

Ibrahim is an ambitious self-starter looking to gain a wide array of marketing skills. He hopes to make a career for himself, specializing in content marketing and brand management. 

Dimitri G.

Content Writer (Intern)

A new addition to the team, Dimitri is a talented content writer seeking to boost his portfolio, learn new skills, and gain real life experience in various aspects of the marketing industry.

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Symphysis Marketing Solutions offers marketing gency services throughout Seattle, Bellevue, and worldwide.

Symphysis Marketing Solutions is Seattle WA based marketing firm, offering consulting services worldwide for digital & Enterprise Strategies. Our marketing consultant team is available for digital conferences and training sessions for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprise companies.

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