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Startup Analytics & Tracking
Get a head start by tracking user interactions from the very beginning. Understand user behavior and experience, launch and optimize pay per click ad campaigns, and improve search engine optimization.
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Analytics & Tracking Services

Symphysis captures analytics data to visualize, interpret, and track performance over time. Our developer team uses both industry leading and in house tools to maximize the effectiveness of the startup's marketing.

Why are analytics so important?

Understand what types of content drives the highest ROI by measuring the performance of the startup's website, social media accounts, and any existing ad or email campaigns. Increase the startup's SEO and outrun any big outdated company.

What gets measured?

In order to ensure brand marketing is being conducted effectively; our marketing team utilizes modern analytics and cutting edge tracking tools. Which enable the ability to visualize views, clicks, downloads, purchases & even the way a user interacts with a web page.

Where does it work?

Though not all analytics systems are the same, many different opportunities exist for data collection across a website, social media page or advertisement, email campaign, e-commerce store & many or platforms.
Advanced analytics implementation Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Tag Manager

Some of the analytics tools we specialize in:

Symphysis Marketing has extensive experience with google analytics for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
Google Analytics
Symphysis Marketing has extensive experience with google ads for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
Google Ads
Symphysis Marketing has extensive experience with google merchant center for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
Google Merchant
Google Tag Manager
Symphysis Marketing has extensive experience with Google Tag Manager for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
Symphysis Marketing has extensive experience with Google Search Console for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
Google Search Console
Symphysis Marketing has extensive experience with google My Business for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
Google My Business
Google data studio logo
Google Data Studio
Facebook pixel logo
Facebook Pixel
Hotjar analytics platform
Hubspot CRM analytics and marketing platform
bing webmaster tools logo
Bing Webmaster Tools
Firebase analytics logo
Tracking Web Performance
Analytics provides a lot of raw data, it's important to have a plan for tracking the effect or changes over time. Tracking specific metrics gives the opportunity to identify times, places, and platforms that drive digital revenue to a company or brand; allowing real-time marketing changes and improvement. 

Collecting data

Data can be automatically collected and measured, giving passive information on the performance of a campaign or overall website performance.

Goal Tracking & Event Tracking

Program analytics to track and report specific actions by users to accurately record conversions and gauge effectiveness of the website.

Tracking user behavior

Identify how users interact with campaigns and web pages. Measure the performance of campaigns based on interactions with content.

Monitor web performance

Tracking enables visualization of data over time to identify creative trends and emerging strategies for marketing and user interactions.

Watch users interact with a website

Modern software is capable of screen recordings of user interactions while masking private user data. Allowing our marketing and development teams to integrate missing elements or new funnels.

Get notifications if something goes wrong

Automatic alerts can be deployed to notify of changes in traffic from specific regions, demographics, etc.

Understand how to better optimize for mobile

Visualizing changes over time allows for close monitoring of the new company's SEO, possible applications to develop, and link opportunities.

Keeping user data safe

Go beyond the average SEO digital marketing agency with Symphysis: keeping cyber security a goal from the beginning. Maintain security of all user data, ensuring compliance with local and international laws.
Tracking website performance with Google Analytics tool
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